How to download our mods by using Resilio Sync

You can download or synchronize our ModPack by using Resilio Sync. This program is using BitTorrent protocol.

Steps to follow:
1. Download Resilio Sync from official website
2. Create @SolidGames folder in your Arma3's root folder.
2.1 In case if you already have our modpack, you can move it into @SolidGames folder (4 mods).
3. Using Resilio, create a new share by entering a key.
step 3
5. Select @Solidgames folder and click OK.
6. Now, right click on created share, choose Preferences, remove mark on "Store deleted files in folder archive" and put it on "Overwrite any changed files"
step 6
7. Share files with others as long, as you can.

Our ModPack includes:

SolidGames Core
SolidGames Islands
SolidGames Mods
SolidGames Connect

Mods that you need to download from Steam Workshop:

CUP Terrains Core

Don't forget to load mods in right order. First must be four RHS mod's, then CUP Terrains Core, then SolidGames Core, SolidGames Islands, SolidGames Mods and SolidGames Connect !!!
Should be like this

P.S.: Since Resilio Sync is a peer-to-peer client it requires you to have a forwarded port both on your router and ISP, otherwise it shares the data via relay-servers which is significally slower than it could be with a direct connection. Therefore it's highly recommended to forward a port for Resilio Sync and set it in the Settings menu, if you are able to. If you have any questions - feel free to contact [WD]G-Virus
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